HMi & The OTC 2021

OTC is almost here and I’m personally intrigued with the new ‘hybrid approach’. It’s always such an important date on our industry calendar, this year perhaps more so than ever.

Alongside the technical innovations and thought leadership, OTC provides us the opportunity to communicate with one another in person - something sorely lacking from the past 18 months.

This year will look different for a number of reasons and for HMi Elements, not being able to exhibit and show you what we have been doing since we were all last together, is something everyone in the business is immensely disappointed about. Ongoing travel restrictions have put pay to our plans that we had this year, however as soon as we’re able to return at full capacity, we will and we’ll do it in true HMi Elements style.

Although the full force of HMi Elements is unable to travel to OTC this year, I’m in the fortunate position of being based in Houston and hope to be there in person for at least some of the time. It’s going to be quite the experience being there as an attendee rather than exhibitor. There is such a fantastic schedule of events planned and it is going to be great to see OTC from the other side.

The last 18 months, combined with the latest news from the IPCC, make this perhaps one of the most intriguing OTCs that I can ever remember. It has the potential to set the tone for what our industry will look like for the next decade plus.

I personally can’t wait to be able to see so many colleagues from across the industry in person and make up for lost time with plenty of face to face conversations. If you feel like catching up at the show or somewhere else in the vicinity, get in touch It would be great to see you.

Warm regards,

Rob Gaines.