HMi Elements celebrates our 10 th anniversary.

While we have operated since the late 1980s, July marks a decade since current owner and Chief Executive Howard Gould led the management buyout of HMi Elements (then named TECHNOR iSiS).

Howard Gould, said: “Our 10 year anniversary is a notable achievement because we have taken the business forward to the point where it is almost unrecognisable from 2009 and have a clear plan of what we want to achieve in the future.”

“We have set an ambitious but achievable target to increase sales by a fifth this calendar year and we are on course after the first six months.”

“We have won two very important contracts providing bespoke products, there is trend based business that we can plan for and we are launching a new product that is better than anything created before.”

“We can certainly increase sales and improve profitability and our new product will help us do this.”

“While the oil and gas sectors are volatile and are affected by a range of issues - many of which are geopolitical and out of our control - we are confident of continuing to grow the business, not just this year but in the foreseeable future too.”