Update - HMi Elements COVID-19 Message

Dear all

It is just over one month since my last update.

Over the weeks we have been watching the daily hospital admissions and deaths, hoping and praying for the reductions to accelerate. Personally I am now in week twelve of shielding and am hoping to return to Malton soon, albeit part time.

Operations continue there as before, deliveries are pretty much on schedule and despite a couple of false alarms I am very pleased that none of our staff have contracted the virus. I am grateful to all of our staff who have stayed the course and followed all the counter intuitive guidelines.

Whilst looking for CV-19 stats to fall we look for WTI and Brent stats to rise. After the shock of a short period of negative prices there has been a recovery, but we all need more before we will feel the benefits. It’s like a see saw but not as much fun, there are signs of improvement and we remain optimistic.

Do take the opportunity to have a close look at our new, fully approved, 19” Zone 1 HMI. Rob Gaines is able and ready to make “virtual visits” when you can hear all about it and see it in action.

Just click here to request a “visit” .

Be safe and take care.

Howard Gould
Chief Executive
HMi Elements